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VeganEgg, an Alternative to the Gruesome Egg Industry


Eggs have been in the news this week. Most people aren't aware of the day-to-day gruesome practice that traditional egg-producing hatcheries utilize worldwide. It's called "chick culling." Each day millions of baby male chicks are literally ground-up and thrown away because they're "useless." Only egg-laying females (who also, by the way, live equally gruesome but longer lives as factory farmed commodities) are useful to the egg industry. If you're born a male chick, you are placed on a treadmill-like machine that drops you into a grinder. Hopefully you die immediately, but you may have to be re-ground because the first time only mangled you. The egg industry, like all animal products industries, is a cruel one. Thanks to undercover investigations we know this to be true.

The good news is that this horrific practice has been under attack in the last few years from animal rights activists, and egg producers are taking notice. One man, the owner of a small bucolic egg producing farm in Austin, learned of the factory farming practice and vowed to change it by seeking a way to determine the sex of the chick before he or she hatched. And it looks promising. It's only a matter of time before technology grinds up the Dark Age of chick culling. But that will only be the beginning. Then everyone will have to reevaluate how the massive egg industry treats the long-suffering and abused females.  

In the meantime, we can and must produce change in our own lives. And there's never been a better time with new forward-thinking companies pioneering egg, dairy and meat replacements. There are a couple of vegan eggs in the works, but the one that hit the market first was VeganEgg. We tried it last year at the Natural Products Expo and were blown away. Today, my husband Brad made scrambled eggs and, I remember eggs, I used to eat them, and it tasted just like eggs. Seriously. But without the cruelty and cholesterol. (An egg can pack a whopping 215 to 275 mg of cholesterol. By comparison, a Big Mac contains 75 mg of cholesterol.)

VeganEgg, made by Follow Your Heart, is


VeganEgg is shelf stable and can be found in the egg section of Whole Foods or ordered online. (Order VeganEgg on Amazon) It's great value--you get a lot of egg in a small package! This skillet used only 1/4th of the package. 


Scrambled VeganEgg this morning. Directions are to blend for fluffier eggs, but Brad just mixed it and it turned out fine!


Brad made a breakfast burrito out of VeganEgg


I had a simple plate of VeganEgg, Lightlife Vegan "Bacon" and toast with my mom's homemade strawberry/rhubarb jam. Delicious! 


I'm often asked what I use in place of eggs for baking. You can use bananas, apple cider vinegar, flax seeds, tapioca powder, apple sauce, but I will often use this product, Ener G Egg Replacer, which is highly effective. (Order on Amazon)


Vote with your fork! Choose kindness!