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My Favorite Vegan (Fashion) Things (On Sale!) for February

I have each of these animal-friendly products and love them dearly, which is why I'm sharing them with you. And they're now on sale!

1. CLOVER CANYON: Burgundy faux fur slip-on

Originally $220.00, on sale for $66.00

I feel lucky to call Rozae Nichols, Creative Director for Clover Canyon, my friend. She is a woman of great intelligence, creativity, beauty (inside and out) and compassion. And her personal style leaves you breathless. 

Rozae's designs reflect her quintessential California spirit and have garnered her not only a world wide following, but big time celebrity support from the likes of Michelle Obama, Oprah, Beyonce--it's hard to keep up with the who's-who who are wearing Rozae's collection. Open any fashion magazine and Clover Canyon is bound to be found. Flip through the latest Elle Decor magazine and there is Rozae and her husband Ian's Laurel Canyon home as the main feature. (Check it out online here.

But what I especially love and respect about Clover Canyon is that it's a highly conscious company (the line is also manufactured locally in Los Angeles) and it is animal friendly--totally on purpose, as Rozae is a lifelong supporter of animal welfare issues. None of the things she is doing are easy to execute in today's fast, cheap, imported fashion world. She is a true fashion pioneer. I have a couple of pairs of Clover Canyon shoes, including these slip-ons. They are so well made, luxurious, and comfortable. Rozae's line not only makes you feel instantly super styley, but you feel like a good person, as well.

Here is a photo of us at Last Chance for Animal's (LCA) Gala last year. We spotted one of her dresses on an attendee. Of course! 


Read an interview with Rozae on Huffington Post. 

Originally $105.00, on sale for $31.50
(And if you sign up for their mailing list you receive 20% off, making it $25.20!) 

Vegan bag lovers, rejoice! A new age is dawning! Fiiiiiiinally! It used to be that vegan bags were cheap--cheaply made, cheap quality, cheaply styled (except Stella McCartney, which is out of most people's budget). But companies like Deux Lux are changing that game. This duo set out to make high quality, glamorous, fun, edgy and ethical bags, and not only succeeded but broke the glass ceiling. Their bags are beautifully made. What's not to love about a company that uses animal-friendly synthetics in their designs in honor of their mascot, Dylan--a lovable chocolate lab? I could spend hours on their website


Originally $298.00, on sale for $69.98

Free People isn't a vegan company, but they should be! People aren't free as long as animals are enslaved. That's the metaphysical, spiritual, hippie truth. Rant aside, I really like Free People, they've definitely made strides in the vegan department--and why wouldn't they? They're a "bohemian" company. I've noticed that they've added more vegan clothes, shoes, and bags to their line, as well as labeling their vegan clothes "vegan." Bravo! 

It's not easy to find a sweater coat so stylish and toasty that doesn't contain wool or some other type of animal hair, but here it is. This product is no longer available on the Free People site, but you can find it at Nordstrom Rack.  

Compassion is in fashion, friends! Get these great animal-friendly products while they last. 

Happy Conscious Consuming!