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You're Already Hypnotized


Excerpt from my upcoming book: YOU'RE ALREADY HYPNOTIZED: A Guide to Waking Up

Ever wonder why you can’t seem to make the changes you want to make no matter how hard you try? It’s because you’re hypnotized. We all are. We just don’t realize it—that’s the power of hypnosis. We don’t need to be hypnotized in order to change; we need to be de-hypnotized.

Understandably, clients are often apprehensive when they come to me for their first hypnotherapy session, but I’m the last person they should fear. They should be more concerned with what happens outside my office than in it. Why? Because they’re already hypnotized by the time they see me. My job is to de-hypnotize them. I'm really just a “de-hypnotherapist.”

We too are already hypnotized. By this I mean our mind is filled, or programmed, with false and limiting beliefs about ourselves, our capabilities, the world and others. It’s those thoughts blocking our fulfillment, our joy and our ability to change. Contrary to what we are programmed to believe, the world doesn’t cause our problems. We do it to ourselves—whatever that may be—by what we choose to accept as true.

No matter what or where we perceive the problem to be, it's much closer than that. The problem is in our mind. It’s not in our genes, it’s not in our circumstances; rather it’s in the thoughts we are thinking. And that’s good news! Whatever the “problem,” it isn’t outside of our control; it’s inside, where we can change it.

If we believe we are our body, we are hypnotized. If we believe we are separate from each other, from animals, from the environment, and from the effects of our daily choices, we are hypnotized. If we believe fear, sickness, and death are real, we are hypnotized. Our mind has been programmed to look for answers where they are not. We’ve been duped. We have accepted what isn’t true as Truth.

Failure is a programmed belief. Racism is a program. Addiction is a program. Obesity is a program. War is a program. Disease is a program. The world is one massive programmed belief, and a false one at that. Bob Dylan once said, “All the truth in the world adds up to one big lie.” Almost everything we believe about ourselves and the world is an illusion, a false idea.

Everything is a suggested belief creating a seemingly real experience. What we think is real is the result of what our parents, our peers, our teachers, our authority figures, our community, corporations, advertising, society, and our ego want us to believe. The world is a smoke screen, reflecting what we believe—nothing more, nothing less. It doesn’t reflect what is true; it reflects what our ego wants to be true. But never underestimate the power of belief. It can destroy us or renew us, and the world as well.

All of this programming has contributed to a deep sleep—a hypnotic spell, so to speak—and the world is aching for us to wake up. Though we’ve been comatose a long time, great spiritual teachers remind us there is hope; there is a way out of this seemingly impossible situation.

Consciousness is accelerating. I’m sure you’ve noticed. All of a sudden there is a resurgence of interest in all things “spiritual”: yoga, meditation, metaphysics, quantum physics, acupuncture, peace, volunteerism, energy healing, hypnotherapy, vegetarianism, environmentalism, animal welfare, and so forth. As a result of this acceleration, time, which is contained within the collective consciousness, appears to be speeding up as well. Days, weeks, and years are flying by. Einstein said something to the effect that time is only a mode by which we think, not a condition under which we live. When our thinking changes and becomes more progressive, time changes.

We are in the midst of a universal wake up call, a push toward transformation. Some people are aware of it; others are not. But all of us feel it. Every aspect of our lives is affected and everything is up for reevaluation—relationships, career, and our life purpose. This shift requires that we heal so that we can become vessels of healing in this unhealed world.

In the furthest recesses of our mind, we are hearing a cosmic call to remember who we are. And all that is untrue will begin to fall away or seem to be taken from us. We are being asked to let go of what isn’t real and instead reveal our highest selves—not

only for our own happiness but for the well being of the world. This shift doesn’t require that we learn anything new; rather we must unlearn what we have been wrongly taught. We must de-program. We have wasted enough time on the meaningless. It's time for meaning. It's time to wake up.