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Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

Taken from my upcoming book,

You're Already Hypnotized: A Guide to Waking Up.

I’m no astrology expert, but I do believe, like Edgar Cayce, that astrology can be useful in understanding ourselves—within the dream, of course. The universe resides in us as we are in it. There is no separation between us and the planets and the stars and the moon. All affect each other, as the moon changes the mighty tide of the ocean and the wind messes with our hair and the snow freezes our fingertips and the sun burns our skin and dreary days influence our mood. We cannot will the wind not to blow us about, just as we cannot will the planetary atmosphere not to stir our being. If you’re here, you cannot not be affected by cosmic movement on some level.

Most astrologers agree that in the year 2000 we left the Age of Pisces, which has ruled us for the last 2,000 years, and began our venture into the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Pisces is a symbol of duality, two fish swimming in opposite direction. We are moving out of a duality consciousness—Left/Right, Republican/Democrat, science/spirituality, East/West—and into an inclusive age of non-dualism, or oneness. 

This “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” is about to make things very interesting in terms of what we do with our lives, and specifically our careers.

A Course in Miracles

tells us that before we can experience miracles, “All shallow roots must be uprooted.” We must pull up the weeds of our primitive thinking in order for something new and more beautiful to bloom. It’s time to think outside of the box, fearlessly.

If you are alive on the planet today you are a pioneer. Whether you take the reigns of this fast moving shift or sit on the sidelines is up to you. But we are all being called to blaze a trail into the Aquarian Age while the old paradigm gives way. And though it’s an exciting time to be here, it’s also unsettling. Everything feels as if it’s being turned upside down, individually and collectively. But the truth is, things are being turned right side up. It’s been upside down. When you’re in the midst of it, however, it feels the same. Similar to cleaning out a closet, you first have to pull everything out, which just makes a big mess of confusion, before you can figure out what to discard and what’s worth saving. Then you have to put everything back into its new, rightful place.

The key phrase for Aquarius is “I know.” Aquarius rules knowledge, innovation, technology, science, idealism, individualism, social causes, and humanitarianism. Our new world will be constructed on these ideas. In terms of our careers, this consciousness means forging life’s work that contributes to unity, healing, compassion, and truth. Careers founded on these principles will thrive during Aquarian rule. Take hypnotherapy, for instance. When I started out, hypnotherapy was considered wacky. Fast forward eight short years and I can hardly keep up with the demand. I tell clients looking for a new career to consider hypnotherapy. I’ve had five clients quit their day jobs and become hypnotherapists after going through some sessions with me. Hypnotherapy’s appeal is skyrocketing as people become aware that healing, like everything, is in their mind.

The call of the Age of Aquarius is for mindful service. We will assist others, the planet, and animals with more empathy. We will find solutions that don’t involve cruelty, recognizing that when the smallest part of the Sonship suffers we all suffer. We will see others as ourselves. We will expose darkness and hold untruths to the light of reason. We will feel a burning compulsion to express ourselves or die. Being helpful will usurp money and power as our mission. And there will be tremendous breakthroughs in science and technology, contributing to planetary inclusiveness and wholeness.

We all have an ability or talent that can be used for awakening during this impassioned time.

A Course in Miracles

reminds us, “Salvation has need of all abilities….”

We need what you have.