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Meatless Monday Recipes Coming

I was at

Real Food Daily

(great vegan restaurant in LA) the other night having dinner with a friend who is not a vegetarian, and the topic of veganism naturally came up. She told me she wanted to start making more meatless meals but since she had two small children she needed the recipes to be fast and easy. One of her children, Sophie, who just turned 4 the other day, decided

on her own

at age 2 that she did not want to eat animals. (!) My friend was scrambling to make quick healthy meatless meals for her vegetarian daughter. 

Synchronously, that morning I had the idea to blog Meatless Monday recipes (if you can call them that, they're more like mash-ups) of simple things I throw together and call a meal. The inspiration came from another friend's 5 year old son, John, who wanted to stop eating so many animals and drinking milk. (I hear he's now enjoying almond milk and other dairy substitutes!) 

I like experimenting in the kitchen and trying new elaborate vegan recipes on occasion for myself and my boyfriend, but mostly I'm a lazy vegan. Not totally lazy, I eat more than a PBJ. But I'm no gourmet chef. I do, however, have easy vegan meals down to a science. 

So on behalf Sophie and John and their awesome moms who heed their wisdom, I'd like to share my Meatless Monday recipes with you starting this Monday. Get ready for yummy, easy recipes that even the most die-hard carnivore will enjoy. 

Me and the wise soul that is Sophie.

Photo: Brad Klopman