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Five Books I Most Recommend to Clients


Living with Joy

Like it's title, this book is a joy. It came out like 25 years ago and it's still worth reading. It's a simple classic book in changing your perception. And there are exercises to help you do it. Some of the material is dated, but as a whole it is by far the book I most recommend. I can vouch that the authors, Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, are lovely people. This book is included in their "Earth Life Mastery Series." The other books in this series are great too. One of those books, 

Creating Money

, I suggest to clients who are stuck in their careers or financially.


Many Lives, Many Masters

First let me tell you that the author, 

Brian L. Weiss M.D, is 

graduate of Columbia University and Yale Medical School, and is Chairman Emeritus of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami. 

Then let me tell you the topic of this book: hypnosis and past life regression. Clients often ask about past life regression. It's a fascinating subject. Many Lives, Many Masters is the story of a traditional therapist Dr. Weiss and his patient Catherine, a 

young Christian woman, who was riddled with anxieties and phobias that no one could cure. To her surprise, and to the surprise of Dr. Weiss, she began having remarkable past life insights and recollections as she relaxed in her therapy sessions. It reads like a novel as they embark on a journey of healing, gaining messages from "the space between our lives." He had a son who had died and she was able to contact him, helping him to heal, and he was able to eventually cure her through past life regression therapy. It's also about him having to move beyond his fear of being ostracized from traditional medicine by publishing these revelations, and her having to expand her view of existence and the after-life. Good stuff. 


All Your Worth

This financial self-help book was written five years ago by Elizabeth Warren. Yes, the Elizabeth Warren that was just on The Daily Show last week. Yes, that Harvard Law School professor who is running for Senate. (Who I hope wins because we need more SMART women in politics.) Yes, Elizabeth Warren, the

 special advisor for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She wrote a book for you and me right before she knocked it out of the park. This book has a simple formula for managing your money for life. I'm doing what she says. And it makes perfect sense. I've read a lot of financial self-help books and this one is tops.


The Easy Way to Stop Smoking

Smokers smoke through reading this book, and stop on the last page. Genius. It's by a guy who smoked 100 cigarettes a day for like 30 years and after trying to stop through various methods, he finally kicked the habit by seeing a hypnotherapist. He was so amazed by the process that he began researching how the suggestions worked. He came up with a formula, opened up stop smoking clinics all around the world, wrote this book, then died of lung cancer. It's helped millions of people stop smoking. Buy it for someone you love, if he or she can't get to a hypnotherapist themselves.


A Course in Miracles

Well, this is a touchy one. It's not often that I recommend this book, but I'm including it because it's the book that has had the most profound affect on those to whom I refer it. It's been my spiritual path since I was 19. I don't proseltyze when it comes to my spiritual path, in fact I rarely talk about the Course, but every now and then someone will walk into my office and I just know. I know they are a student of the Course, waiting to happen, seeking. I tell them about this book.

If you have a spiritual path that suits you, God speed. If you don't, and are looking, and are interested in spirituality and psychology and not having to join anything or go anywhere to find it, then this book might be for you. I wouldn't be a hypnotherapist if not for 

A Course in Miracles

. I wouldn't be with my soul mate if not for 

A Course in Miracles.

 I wouldn't have purpose in my life if not for 

A Course in Miracles.

 I wouldn't have found peace if not for 

A Course in Miracles.

 I wouldn't be writing this blog if not for 

A Course in Miracles. 

I owe this lifetime to this book. In my opinion, it's the greatest book ever "written." But fair-warned: It's a serious life-long spiritual discipline just as, for example, Buddhism would be. 

(For more info, here's a previous post:

"The Five Attractions to

A Course in Miracles.





We pretty much do child-birthing wrong. This book sets all things right. 

Know someone who is having a baby? This is the book I recommend for pain-free childbirth. It even includes a hypnosis CD. 


All of these books are linked for your convenience to Amazon.

A Course in Miracles

has gone through numerous publications. The one I linked to is the newest edition in small paperback. The other paperback edition has 311 reviews and you can look inside, but it's a bit more expensive so I listed the less reviewed, cheaper edition. 

There are so many books I haven't included like the spiritual classic

Autobiography of a Yogi,

 or any

Edgar Cayce



material, all of which had a profound impact on me growing up. But there's a difference between books I love and books I recommend to clients. 

Many of my clients know I'm a vegan and animal welfare advocate so they often ask me to recommend a book on this subject to them. That's my next list. Stay tuned. In the meantime, Happy Reading!