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Compassion for Spring Shoe Fashion!

The hardest part of being vegan is not giving up cheese, it's giving up shoes. At least for me.

Luckily, times are a changin, and with a more evolved consciousness comes more vegan options. (Did you know that cows, pigs, goats, sheep are often skinned alive, fully conscious, for their hide to make leather? No thanks, I won't be supporting that.) We don't have to sacrifice our ethics, cash, or style for fashionable vegan shoes. Girls, this post is for you. Boys, you will always look cute in Converse.

I worship at the altar of

 Stella McCartney

(Vegan Paul's talented vegan fashion designer daughter), but I cannot justify spending $550.00 for a pair of sandals, no matter how freaking ridiculously cute they are, as seen below.

Instead, over the years, I've had to rummage through loads of leather and sites, but I have thankfully found cute "man made" shoes at


Alternative Outfitters




. But guess where I can ALWAYS find a pair of stylish vegan shoes?


. Yes, good ol' Payless is making being vegan easier in any city across America. The only time I ever shopped at Payless was with my grandma. She loved their shoes. Looks like grandmas and vegans love Payless.

Here is what I went in to get: $26.99

But they were sold-out. Lots of vegans in LA.

So I got these: $29.99

And since they're having a BUY ONE GET ONE 50% OFF sale, I bought these: $27.99

I paid less than $40.00 for two totally cute, super comfortable, summer heels.

Hurry, girls! Snatch up these and other adorable shoes before they sell-out. Luckily, grandmas don't wear 4" wedges.

By the way, if you're looking for vegan fashion inspiration, here is a great vegan fashion


. And check out this awesome vegan fashion store from London,


And if you are interested in learning more about the leather industry, check out the lovely Stella McCartney speaking out against this cruel practice.

Let compassion guide your fashion choices this summer!