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Meatless Monday Recipe: Gardein

Photo: Brad Klopman

The signs that I am living exactly where I need to be are literally all around me. On my block there is a PETA anti-fur billboard (Can you believe fur is


an issue? Most people are not aware that it takes 40 minks to make ONE mink coat, or that much of the fur lined collars in America are from cats and dogs in China. Insane!) and, on the next block over, there are two Gardein "Cheat on Meat" billboards.

Gardein is a vegan food line started by Yves Potvin who created the vegan food line Yves that is still available, though I believe he sold that company. Yves' goal with Gardein is to make healthy protein options to meat, hence "Gardein"which comes from Garden/Protein.

Gardein has changed being vegan; it's made it tastier and easier than ever. My boyfriend and I eat Gardein on a weekly basis when we want something quick and nutritious for dinner. Because Gardein is relatively new, they come out with new products regularly. Lucky us!

Our favorite is the

Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick'n,

which we put on rice.

The photo at the top of the blog is the

Zesty Marinara Crispy Chick'n Filets.

 I usually make a simple pasta side dish and a salad.

You may remember that I did a taste test of Tofurkey loafs for Thanksgiving last year, and Gardein's loaf was the clear winner! They roll it out for special holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Don't forget to ask your local grocer to carry Gardein, if they don't already. I've found Gardein at most large grocery stores and almost every Super Target.

With great, low fat, zero cholersterol, healthy protein packed alternatives like Gardein, it's easy to cheat on meat! Even renowned vegan chef Tal Ronnen is a huge fan. Check out one of his recipes using Gardein


For more information, check out the 


 website. There's a great video in the middle of their 

"About us"