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Cynthia's Favorite Vegan Things: June

I am always finding new vegan things that I love. As consciousness begins to awaken from its deep sleep, with each passing month, it becomes easier to find animal-friendly, cruelty-free things. I say "things" because I'm talking from food to shoes to dishwashing liquid. Each month I will list three of my favorite vegan things that I'm using that month. All tried and tested just for you. (Click on the photos for links.)


Be Genki:

Tranquility Body Oil

I cannot begin to express my love for these Australian products. And I can vouch for the creator of this fabulous line, Sam Sample. She is an inspirational, compassionate, generous, and smart woman.

I am partial to the Tranquility Body Oil. When I wear shorts and skirts, I put this oil on my legs and not only does one whiff instantly transport me to Tranquilville, but it makes my legs glow. It's great for massages too.

"This delicious, all-natural, chemical-free home and body care range is pumped with mood-altering essential oils. Slather this delicious lavender, chamomile, orange, and sandalwood oil all over after a shower and before bed to drift off to dreamland." Vogue Magazine Beauty Editor Sigourney Cantelo


Follow Your Heart:

 High Omega Vegan Ranch Salad Dressing

My boyfriend is obsessed with this dressing. I like it a lot too. I'm looking forward to trying the Vegan Caesar. He puts this on everything from pizza to salad. I wouldn't be surprised if I caught him drinking it out of the bottle one day.



: Authentic Lo Pros in Gargoyle/True White Shoes

Summertime means not having to wear socks! I bought this pair of faux suede shoes and I love them. I've linked them to another store, because Vans is out of stock.

Vans makes cute softer styles in hemp and other textiles, like these:

Hemp E-Street shoes in Plum Kitten

That's it for June, folks. Come back next month for July's favorites. In the meantime, I'd love to hear your favorite vegan things of the moment. 

Happy Summer!