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My Top Ten Favorite Vegan Meals in LA

I'm often asked for vegan restaurant recommendations. So I thought I'd post my favorite meals at my favorite restaurants. Six of these restaurants are vegan, the other four have myriad tasty vegan options.

It was surprisingly hard to narrow down my favorite meals at these restaurants, as I often order different things each time. But here you go.

By the way, these are not in any particular order. If they were, Shojin would be first. Also, Cafe Flore and other wonderful east side restaurants aren't on the list because, even though I love them, if they're not within biking or walking distance, I rarely frequent them.

1. Real Food Daily

Appetizer: BLT Tartine

Photo: Foodspotting

Main: Salisbury Seitan

Photo: exile_kiss


2. Vegan Glory

Appetizer: Dumpling Soup

Photo: Dishtip

Main: Pad Thai with Soy Chicken Nuggets (or Soy Chicken)

Photo: Quarry Girl

3. Veggie Grill

Appetizer: Buffalo Wings with Ranch Dressing

Photo: Je Mange la Ville

Main: Santa Fe Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Photo: Jenmi Jenmi

4. Doomie's

Appetizer: Jalapeño Poppers 

Photo: Domestiphithecus

Main: Fried Chicken Plate

Photo: So Cal Vegan Gal

5. Shojin

Appetizer: Spicy Tuna Tofu on Crispy Rice

Photo: Shraddha S.

Main: Rock Mountain Roll, Dynamite Roll, Pirates of Crunchy Roll

Photo: Jaye C.

6. M Cafe

Appetizer:  Kale with Spicy Peanut Dressing

Photo: Diana Takes A Bite

Main: The California Club

Photo: Foodspotting

7. Swingers

Appetizer: Avocado Toast

Photo: Siriously Delicious

Main: Vegan Cobb

Photo: Dishtip

8. Bulan

Appetizer: Hot Wings

Photo: It's Called LaLa Land for a Reason

Main: Orange Chicken

Photo: So Cal Vegan Gal

9. Native Foods

Appetizer: Native Chicken Wings

Photo: Dennis Lee

Main: Chicken Run Ranch Burger

Photo: Happy Herbivore 

10. Deano's

Main: Vegetarian Pizza (Order it "Vegan")

Photo: Cakebite

Let me know your favorites!