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TM, The New Normal

We have very special guest blogger today! 

My friend, talented actor, Deacon Conroy took time out of his busy auditioning and shooting schedule to share his journey to becoming a regular meditator. 

Thank you Deacon for this great read! Be sure to check out one of his many commercials in the videos below. I'm fairly certain you've seen him float across your tv on more than one occasion. 


I was taught Transcendental Meditation (TM) two years ago after Cynthia Morgan had helped me quit smoking with hypnotherapy. She suggested I try it. At the time I didn’t have the self-discipline to keep up the meditation practice. I would only meditate once a day, or miss a day entirely. After a while I stopped practicing it, but I had a feeling in the back of my mind that I wasn’t done with it. From time to time I would come back to it, but again, my laziness got the better of me.

In late May of this year, I asked Cynthia if we could do a hypnotherapy session about a recurring vivid dream I was having. We analyzed the dream, did a hypnosis session, and Cynthia prescribed some “homework” to help me get past the mental blocks that were causing these dreams. The first thing that she told me to do was TM, everyday, for 20 minutes. And so I did, at least for the first week, and then I started falling off again. Missing a day or two, and then a week. It was right around this time that I read Cynthia’s post about her 30 Day TM Challenge. I was in. I didn’t even read the body of her blog post, I read the title and the first line or two, then sent Cynthia an email saying I was going to do the challenge with her. I had decided that I was going to make it the whole 30 days.

The first week was interesting. Within a few days I felt better. It was a bit of a struggle at first to get the timing down (15-20 minutes) and then also the concentration of focusing on the mantra. My mind kept drifting off to different thoughts, places, or people. Having just broken up with someone the week before I started the 30 Day Challenge, my mind was still dealing with the emotions of that relationship ending, but I soldiered on.

By the end of the second week, I began talking my mom into taking a TM class. Which she ended up doing and is on her second week of TM. She felt better immediately too.

By the end of the third week, I knew that TM was something I wad going to practice for the rest of my life.

And by the end of the fourth week, TM was the new normal for me.

I feel different. Lighter. Close friends and family have told me that I sound different, and better. Anxiety was something that I had often dealt with in the past, and had taken different prescriptions to help quiet the symptoms. But after a few weeks of TM, that anxiety has all but gone away. I feel clearer than I did before.

The biggest change that I have noticed so far is all the little, small issues that come about in the day that can cloud us, and bring us down, no longer do. All the insignificant problems that can be exaggerated by emotion, remain exactly that, insignificant. It’s as if I’ve learned to “transcend” these negativities. (See what I did there?)

I am firm believer in timing. Events, people and ideas come into your life when you are ready for them. The 30 Day Challenge was perfect timing. I was ready for it.

I encourage everyone who reads Cynthia’s blog, and knows as I do, how much of an amazing soul she is, to try her challenge of meditating for 30 days. (Click here for one of her previous posts on how to meditate.) 

Meditation is a great tool to better your mind, and your life. Think of it as mental exercise. Treat your mediation, as going to the gym for your mind. The hardest part of exercising is getting off your ass and getting to the gym. But once you finish the work out and leave the gym, you never say to yourself “Ugh, I wish I wouldn’t have don’t that.” You always feel better, and feel proud for actually getting there. And each time you do, the next workout gets easier. It becomes the new normal. TM is the same. Every meditation gets your mind in better shape. After every meditation you feel better. Every meditation gets easier. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go meditate.

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