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Cynthia's Favorite Vegan Things for January

1. Palladium Boots

 (Styles for Men and Women)


As you know, I'm always looking for cute vegan shoes. So last weekend, I went to Sportie LA because I'd been searching for a pair of black high tops for a long time. The shoes I ended up buying (above) are not what I had in mind, but I'm so glad I was of flexible mind in that moment. I am in love. And bonus! My fiancé thinks they look cute on.

The company is called Palladium. And their story is fascinating. Palladium was founded in 1920 to make tires for the fledgling aviation industry. Tires were made by layering canvas bands underneath vulcanized rubber. Palladium's expertise was so advanced that soon the majority of Europe's aircraft were using Palladium tires. After WWII, they started using the same technology and rubber to make shoes. The boots were so popular The Foreign Legion started wearing them.

They're rugged, durable, lightweight, stylish, comfortable, and reasonably priced at $55.00. I want all colors in all canvas styles.

Will Smith even wore them in the movie I Am Legend. If the Apocalypse comes (I haven't seen the movie, but it looks that way from the poster) then I'm totally prepared.... footwear-wise.

2. Trader Joe's: Frozen Black Bean and Corn Enchiladas


 Have tortilla chips ready. The sauce on this is so delicious, I scrape up the last bits with chips.

3. Urban Decay


Pretty much every beauty company at your local drugstore tests on animals. In order to find cruelty-free cosmetics, you either have to buy online, shop at places like Sephora, or move to Israel. (Israel just announced a ban on all animal-tested cosmetics. Imports, as well.) Urban Decay saves the day. It's a cool, progressive thinking cruelty-free, mostly vegan cosmetics line. I love my new eye shadow. I'll happily pay $18.00 knowing no animal was harmed, maimed, burned, or skinned alive in order to make my eyes stand out.

For a list of companies that do and do not test on animals, click here. 

Happy conscious shopping!