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41 New Hypnotherapy Mp3 Downloads Only $1.99!

I've been working on these hypnotherapy sessions for over a year, and I'm excited to tell you that they are finally finished!

Most hypnotherapy downloads on the market are suggestion sessions, meaning the hypnotherapist puts you into a relaxed state in order to give positive suggestions to your subconsciousness mind, like "You no longer like to smoke" or whatever ideas that hypnotherapist thinks will work for you. There is definitely a time and place for suggestion sessions, but I find that unless a client has looked at their own subconscious, the lasting affect of those sessions dwindles.

My new hypnotherapy sessions are interactive, meaning I guide you into your subconscious mind in order for you to access your own deeper thoughts, memories, feelings and imagery. This allows for greater resolution and revelation. To my knowledge, these hypnotherapy recordings are the first of their kind.

It's worth noting that most hypnotherapy downloads are priced on average at $14.95. I want to make my work available and affordable to anyone who wants it, that's why I've priced them at only $1.99 each! And if you buy all 41, they are only .99 cents each!

I've recorded these sessions on a wide variety of topics. Please check out my website, browse the list of downloads, and begin your journey of healing today.



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Happy Hypnosis!