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Cynthia's Favorite Vegan Things for April

I just got back from my first trip to Florida and it got me all pumped for summer! So first up on my favorite vegan things list for April is a pair of sandals, but not just any sandals, these are cruelty-free, orthopedic, and cute.

1. Orthaheel Sandals


As with all shoe catalogs I receive in the mail, I quickly thumb through for the possible lone vegan style. This day, I was in luck. I found these, ordered them, added a bit of moleskin sticky cushion to the underside of the front strap to keep from chaffing my foot, and voila, the perfect summer sandal.

Orthaheel is an Australian company founded by podiatrist Phillip Vasyli, who created a new technology in footwear. I don't have foot problems, but I love the idea of orthopedic sandals. And you don't have to sacrifice style with these. I walked all over Ft. Lauderdale in these.

2. Lightlife Smart Dogs


Speaking of summer, if you're looking for a healthier alternative to a hot dog, here it is. Trust me, an omnivore could not tell the difference between these and regular hotdogs. Bonus, no yucky mystery animal parts.

3. Turtle Mountain So Delicious Minis

Nothing says summer like ice cream. So Delicious ice cream products are heaven-sent. They're so creamy and tasty. Sweetened with agave, it's a perfect snack treat you can feel good about eating.

Speaking of nondairy, mainstream magazine Stylelist recently wrote an article on how unhealthy dairy is. Finally, the truth about dairy is being revealed. Milk does NOT do a body good. And with awesome companies like Turtle Mountain making great dairy alternatives, you won't even miss it.

Well, I know I'm a bit early for summer, but why not think ahead to warmer days?

Happy Conscious Purchasing!