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Cynthia's Favorite Vegan Things for July

I neglected to write My Favorite Vegan Things for May and June because I was incredibly busy, more so than any other time in my life. My husband Brad and I eloped (see our video here) and then we decided to not only move homes but also move my office. Things have not settled down until just this week. Like today. So now I am ready to share more of my favorite vegan things, just in time for SUMMER!

And these fit right in for the warm months ahead.

1. Adama Minerals ClayDry Deodorant


First up, deodorant. I could write an entire blog post on natural deodorants. I've tried everything from the crystal rock to men's deodorant, and each one has disappointed me. And everyone around me. Then I found this one.

Antiperspirants contain aluminum, and while it blocks sweat ducts, it's also toxic and linked to a host of health problems. Antiperspirants are super controversial. Many believe they lead to cancer and neurological problems, like Alzheimer's. Ditch antiperspirants, if you haven't already.

Adama Minerals is the best I've found so far. It's much better than Tom's. It's natural and goes on smooth and sheer. I like the Citrus Blossom smell, but I've been reading that the Original scent is more effective. Whichever scent I end up with, I'm sticking with this brand. (Whole Foods.)

2. Montrail Sabino Trail Mid GTX Hiking Shoe

(Mens and Womens)


It's difficult enough finding vegan shoes, but vegan hiking boots? I could've hiked Kilimanjaro in the time it took me to find vegan hiking boots for men and women. But I found them. And Brad and I just tested these puppies out last weekend. Success! They're super comfortable. You can feel how well they're made as soon as you put them on. Great support. And extra bonus: they're waterproof, yet they have a breathable GORE-TEX lining. It says a lot that we both wore them for the first time on an hour hike and had no issues. (Amazon.)

3. Almond Dream Almond Bites


I have a sweet tooth. Brad has seen me consume some serious sugar over the years and he has never said anything, until this week. When I went to the freezer to open yet another carton of these, he looked at me very lovingly and said, "Baaaabe." I knew what he meant. "C'mon. Really? You're overdoing it with the Almond Bites."

I'm obsessed. I have to ration. I can eat these like popcorn. Somehow I justify them because they're so small--they're just bites!--and they're made from almonds, and they're Non-GMO, and vegan.

Ohhh goodness. I just googled a photo of them and learned something dangerous: They're now available in CHOCOLATE! Sorry, babe. (Whole Foods.)


That's it for July. Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!

Happy Conscious Cruelty-Free Consuming!