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Cynthia's Favorite Vegan Things: November

I have just the things to make Autumn extra tasty and comfortable!

1. Dr. McDougall's Right Foods


I'm a big believer in letting an awesome eco or vegan company know how much I appreciate their products. I wrote to Dr. McDougall's on Facebook and said the above quote. I was pleasantly surprised when they posted it on their Facebook page! If you take lunch to work, you're in luck!  They have a variety of ready made vegan meals. 

2. Aerosoles Joyride Boots



These are the most comfortable boots I've ever owned, right out of the box. I actually bought them last year and returned them because I didn't "need" them. I'm so glad Aerosoles brought them back this year because I was kicking myself for returning them. I purchased them in brown (also available in black) and wear them almost every day.  They are currently on sale for $109.99, originally $120.00. No buyers remorse with this product, I promise.

3. Nugo Dark: Mint Chocolate Chip Protein Bar


We order these by the case. They're vegan and gluten-free and incredibly delicious. Nugo calls this bar the year-round alternative to thin mint cookies, and they're right! Only healthier. Check out the store locator on their website. We find them at Whole Foods.

Take your Dr. McDougall's ready made meal to work in your new boots and have a Nugo bar for dessert. Now that's a good day!

Happy Conscious Consuming!