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Cynthia's Favorite Vegan Things: January

Happy New Year, Friends!

Here are my favorite vegan things that I'm enjoying this month.

1. Chan Yak Hing She Woo Lok Medicated Oil


This stuff is a great find. I pinched a nerve in my neck due to degenerative disc issues and was laid up for 2 weeks flat on my back over Christmas and New Years. I put this on my neck and shoulders each day for relief (and am still using it daily) and it really helped. It's made for muscle and joint pain, bruises and sprains, as it gets the blood flowing. It's like Chinese Medicine's alternative to Icy-Hot. I love the smell too--wintergreen oil.

2. Silk Peach Mango Fruity and Creamy Yogurt


I eat one of these a day. The blueberry is delicious too. They taste even better than dairy yogurt, and without the antibiotics and hormones and cruelty in dairy. No GMOs here either!

3. Norrona Gore-Tex PrimaLoft Parka

(Available in Women and Men)


I bought this jacket last month for the trips we had planned this winter. One to NYC for Xmas, which got cancelled due to the neck injury, and other ski trips that we still plan on taking. I was looking for a warm waterproof jacket. And I'm a sucker for bells and whistles--all the pockets and sewn in gloves, etc. This jacket is pricey, but it's an investment, something I will have my whole life. I also plan to use it skiing. When we had a cold snap here in LA and it dropped down to 48* at night (I know, I know) I pulled this out for dog walking and roasted in it! I'm kind of in love with this jacket. Now if only I would go somewhere cold. Oh, and please ditch all fur. Besides being abominable, it's totally unnecessary in modern society with better, warmer, new technology alternatives. 

I had not heard of Norrona, but found them through an exhaustive Internet search for the right parka. Norrona is a Norwegian high end brand of outdoor clothing and sports gear. The company was founded in 1929 by Jorgen Jorgensen and is run to this day by his great grandson, also named Jorgen Jorgensen. Gotta love that. 

Here's a video demonstration of the jacket.


Happy Conscious Shopping!