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Favorite NEW Vegan Things: Special Report from the Natural Products Expo

The world has never been more full of vegan products! My husband Brad and I went to the Natural Products Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center a few weeks ago, and boy was it impressive! We had three hours there and only got through maybe 10% of this massive convention. Of what we saw, I am pleased to bring you my favorite food products. (I regretfully couldn't get to the cosmetics, household, or clothing products.) As you can see in the photo above, we brought home copious amounts of new products to try. Some of these products listed below are not yet on their websites or available in stores.

1. gardein: fishless filet

Words cannot describe how amazing these filets are--texture, taste, it's all there. No reason to eat fish anymore, friends! Did you know that over 90% of large fish are gone from the ocean since 1950 due to industrialized fishing? Staggering. Let's let our fish friends live peacefully in the sea while we gobble these up. Plus they're cholesterol free and have Omega-3s.

This product is not yet available.

2. Sophie's Kitchen: Vegan Toona


Just the other day, I was saying that the only thing I can think of left to veganize is tuna, and lo and behold if there wasn't Vegan Toona at the Expo. Of course! It was just a matter of time. I haven't tried this yet, though we are big fans of Sophie's Kitchen. Their products are non-GMO and outstanding. Childhood toona sandwiches here we come. (Now if only someone would make a vegan hard-boiled egg....)

This product is not yet available.

3. Follow Your Heart: Vegenaise

No more scraping the bottom of the Vegenaise jar and getting it all over your knuckles.

This product is not yet available.

4. Turtle Island: Tofurky Gluten Free Pizza


I feel like the vegan gods have been answering my prayers, because not only did I want vegan tuna, but I also wanted gluten-free Tofurkey pizza. I must have been a very good girl lately because my prayers have been answered. Dream big, friends! Non-Gmo and no cholesterol. Eat without guilt!

This product is not yet available. 

5. Daiya: Chive and Onion Cream Cheese


This is the best cream cheese I've ever had. Dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free. There are others on the market I like very much and they're made with tofu, but this one is comprised mostly of coconut oil. It makes me want to eat Everything bagels every day.

This product is available.

6. Ripple Brands: barkTHINS

Dark Chocolate Almond

Dark Chocolate Pretzel

Dark Chocolate Toasted Coconut

Natural ingredients, fair trade, non-gmo. And Chocolate! What's not to love? I am a connoisseur of vegan chocolate and these were dangerously tasty.

This product is available.

There's never been a better time to switch out your cupboards and refrigerator to plant-based food products. Thank you to the Natural Products Expo! Next year, I'm planning on spending three days there, not three hours.

Happy Conscious Consuming! We can change the world with our minds, our forks, and our dollars.