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Cynthia's Favorite Vegan Things for September

Who doesn't love Mexican food?! I've been eating a ton of it lately, especially because I found these great additions to my meals.

1. Food For Life's Ezekial 4:9 Sprouted Grain Tortillas

I love good ol' flour tortillas best, but I'm trying to eat healthier. I didn't think I'd like these--though I eat the Ezekial 4:9 bread regularly--and boy, was I was wrong. They're good! I make quesadillas with them and Brad uses them for wraps. And it's a complete protein! All the amino acids in one tortilla.

2. Wildbrine Fermented Salsa Rojo

A few Favorite Things back, I posted about the Wildbrine Red Beet Sauerkraut that we now eat weekly. I recently tried their salsa with, like the Ezekial tortillas, low expectations, and was again surprised at how jam packed with flavor it is! It's spicy, so I sometimes mix it with a milder fresh salsa to take the jalapeño bite out of it. I'm obsessed with this right now, not just with how flavorful it is, but also with its health benefits. Wildbrine's approach is to take high-quality raw ingredients (non-Gmo) and elevate the nutritional and probiotic benefits via fermentation. The result is a complex, bold taste experience. 

3. Garden of Eatin' Tortilla Chips


If you dip these in the Wildbrine Salsa, your mouth may catch on fire in the best possible way. I purchased these one day while in a regular grocery store because they were the ONLY tortilla chips on a long aisle of tortilla chips that were non-GMO. I meant to grab the regular ones and mistakenly got the Red Hot chips. But I am really digging them with Daiya cheddar "cheese" melted all over and the Wildbrine salsa on top. Garden of Eatin' is the #1 brand of natural and organic tortilla chips. No preservatives, no synthetic fillers, no harmful pesticides, no trans fat, no hydrogenated oils.

4. Taste Adventure Refried Black Beans


I'm getting closer to making my own refried black beans--I've gone from cans (blech!) to boxes. The theme for this month's favorite things should be Things Cynthia Had Super Low Expectations Of, But Turned Out to Be Great! Like everything on this list, this is another one of those things. Much tastier than canned beans, but less tasty than homemade, though quicker--just 5 minutes! Made with beans and sea salt, that's it. No added oils, etc. Until I make my own....

Consciente de compras feliz! (Happy conscious shopping!)