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Cynthia's Favorite Vegan Things for January

Happy New Year, Friends!

I was just reflecting that 2015 is my 26th year of being a vegetarian. (Who says you need meat!?) And 7th year of being vegan. (Who says you need eggs and dairy or leather and wool!?) I'm excited to think about all the new vegan products that will come out in 2015.

One product I can't wait to try is the new chick'n pot pie that Gardein recently announced. I've longed for a good ol' fashioned pot pie. Vegan things are popping up all over, from new cosmetic companies to clothing lines to food products. There's never been a better time to go vegan, or go vegan before 6pm, or go vegan one day a week. It doesn't matter, just start moving in that direction. You don't have to be perfect, you want to evolve.  

Hey, remember those Ocho candy bars from November's Favorite Things? As I was grabbing 6 of them at my local grocery store a couple of weeks ago, a fellow shopper asked, "What are those?" My husband and I stopped to talk to her and then half way through we both realized that she is a famous film actress. But we can't place her. We've racked our brains. Anyway, she ended up buying some Ocho bars, too. She said she was trying to go vegan but she loved chocolate, so we chatted about all the products she should try. I don't ever want someone trying to go vegan to think he or she can't eat all the delicious things out there like chocolate candy bars! 

Here are my favorite vegan things right now.

1. Heidi Ho Creamy Chia Cheeze


This is nacho cheese style cheese. And it's shockingly delicious. The story of Heide Ho is awesome. She was overweight and went on a plant based diet and lost a bunch of weight, found a new passion and career, etc. Did you see her on Shark Tank? All those carnivores couldn't wait to invest! It was fun to see them so surprised by how delicious nondairy cheese can be. Forget those old tofu vegan cheeses from days gone by (like 2 years ago!) there are some new kids in town, and they're making the most delicious organic substitutes. My husband and I gobbled this up in two days.

From their website:

Time for plant-based comfort food! Our Creamy Chia Cheeze will blow your mind for Mac N Cheeze. Spread it on a sandwich cold or heat it up and pour it over steamed broccoli. This product is a staple for any dairy-free fridge! Pack in the nutrients while devouring this lip-smacking creamy goodness all over your food!

2. Hurraw! Lip Balm


I needed to add $3.00 to my iHerb shopping cart to get free shipping so I looked for a vegan lip balm (you can never have too many, right?) and bought this. I'd never heard of this brand, but I will now be a loyal customer. It comes in a variety of flavors (next up, cinnamon) and non-tinted, as well. I purchased the Black Cherry and it has a nice sheer tint to it. 

From their website: 

Hurraw! Balm started out of pure intent; a personal obsession to create the perfect balm: all natural, vegan, made from premium raw, organic and fair trade ingredients, complete with a bunch of natural and fun flavor options! It also had to meet some tough criteria...Super smooth, not draggy, not sticky, not sweet, not too glossy, not too smelly, never grainy, long lasting; plus, it had to hold up to being in a back jeans pocket all day without melting! It took us several obsessed years to formulate Hurraw! Balm and put it through all the rigors.

3. Just Mayo Chipotle


I've posted about the awesome company that is Hampton Creek. You may have heard about the huge lawsuit they were involved in: Hellman's sued them for using the word "mayo," claiming it wasn't mayo if it didn't include eggs; anyway, the whole thing backfired for Hellman's and Just Mayo just got more popular because of the press (Even David Letterman talked about it in his monologue). Hellman's eventually conceded. 

We spread this on sandwiches, it has a nice little kick, and I particularly like dipping Beyond Meat strips in it as a snack. One of my favorite snacks, actually. Just a year ago, their mayo was in jars, now it's in handy squeezable bottles. Life just keeps getting better. 

From their website:

We started Hampton Creek because we deeply believe that eating well should be easy. We believe that the right thing, for our bodies and for the world, should be affordable. And it should be insanely delicious. That's the only way that change will happen: we have to 10x the food system for everyone, everywhere.

And that's exactly what we did with Just Mayo™, our first product. It's outrageously delicious, and you can feel great about eating it. It's available nationwide at Safeway, Target, Whole Foods, Dollar Tree, and many more.

What a delicious healthy compassionate way to start 2015!

Happy Conscious Cruelty-Free Consuming, Friends! You do know the world is going to change through YOU, right?