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Cynthia's Favorite Vegan Things for June

This is the first time I'm including something on the list that I haven't yet purchased. But I'm so obsessed with these sandals that I couldn't wait to include them. They're a bit pricey, but aren't they perfect? I'm a sucker for rubber heels too, because I'm all about comfort. I had not heard of the unisex shoe company Good Guys but check out their adorable label:


Here is information from their website:

Good Guys try to make a difference by creating a fashionable, yet vegan shoe which contains no animal ingredients. The use of materials such as microfiber, canvas and natural rubber result in a light, waterproof, durable and comfortable shoe. The shoes are unisex, designed in Paris and made in Portugal. All materials are waterproof, non toxic, breathable, durable and light. 

Find these sandals on MooShoes.  $179.99

Update: After posting this, a friend contacted me and said Good Guys is her friend's line and that she had told me about them years ago when I saw her walking her dog in a pair. Dang my memory! Well, better late than never. Now I want Every. Single. Pair.

2. Cracked Pepper Aged Nut Cheese by Treeline


Okay, before I talk about the amazingness that is this cheese, I'll tell you what happened today. I was in Walgreens and I was wearing this t-shirt (Available here on Etsy. Oh, and just so there's no confusion, that's not me in the photo--there's no way I would leave my dirty clothes on the ground. haha.).

And the cashier (a woman about 28 years old) asked me, "Are you vegetarian or vegan?" Here's our conversation:

"I'm vegan."

"I've been vegetarian for five years but I am having a hard time going vegan."

"Can't let go of the cheese, huh?"

"Yes! I'm struggling with it."

"But you know it's feeding the veal industry, right?"

"I know." (looking forlorn)

"It's good you're vegetarian, but in time you'll stop eating cheese. I was a vegetarian for 19 years before I became vegan."

"But I don't like Daiya." (the widely available vegan cheese.)

"There are great new cheeses hitting the market all the time, like Treeline. Check it out at Whole Foods. You'll love it."

"Okay, great! I will."

I hope my little Walgreens jaunt inspired her to ditch dairy. Why? In a "nut" shell, dairy is unhealthy, bad for the environment and cruel to animals (click for a quick read on the dairy industry).

I couldn't decide which Treeline cheese to include because they also make cheese spreads that are simply delicious. But this Cracked Pepper Aged Cheese is not only one of my favorites, it's my husband's favorite, too. It's made from Brazilian cashew nuts, no palm oil, gluten-free and rich in acidophilus. It's perfect for a snack or to set out for a dinner party. If your local store doesn't carry Treeline, ask them to do so. It's one of the very best vegan cheeses out there. $10.99

3. Ultra CC Cream Radiant Foundation by Pacifica


Sorry men, this post is turning into a mostly for the ladies post. I love this foundation. It's super light, more like a sheer tint than a foundation. (If you need a lot of coverage, this isn't it.) It goes on smoothly, and I don't feel (or look) like I'm wearing foundation. Perfect for summer! Pacifica is an awesome company that I've posted about before. They provide 100% vegan natural cosmetics, and their products are widely available in stores like Target. $17.99

Happy Conscious Consuming!