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Cynthia's Favorite Vegan Things for August

I haven't had tuna fish in 30+ years, but my mom's tuna sandwiches were one of my favorite things growing up. Forewarned, if you eat tuna, you probably won't like this product as a tuna substitute. If you're vegan and haven't had tuna in years, you'll totally appreciate it. My husband and I first tried this at the Natural Products Expo West. And we loved it! I now eat Toona straight out of the can with crackers and some of that Treeline nut cheese that I mentioned in June's Favorite Things post. I've made Toona sandwiches with this and an old school Toona casserole that turned out great. (I'll post a recipe soon.) Here's a quick peek on the Live Strong Blog as to why you're better off ditching real tuna. $4.49 on Vitacost.


2. Yes to Carrots: Nourishing Shampoo


I'm always looking for natural, vegan, cruelty-free shampoos that work. This is my favorite right now. I just ordered the conditioner today. The shampoo lathers (big plus), smells great and leaves my hair soft. Only problem is that the lid is janky, so I just broke it off to make it easier. You can find Yes to Carrots at places like Walgreens and Target, but you can also order it from Lucky Vitamin for $6.82  PS. The packaging looks different on different sites.


3. Teva Tirra (Women)


A sandal that feels like a running shoe? Sold. You can't get me out of these. The above color "Meadow" was my favorite, but they were out of my size, so I bought "Chocolate Chip" instead. Even though the only water my shoes see is when I accidentally step through a lawn sprinkler while walking my dog Monroe, they are made for water sports. $80.00 on Teva, but you can find them cheaper on other sites.

Men, check out Teva's Toachi 2. They look like a convertible sports car for your feet. $95.00


Happy Conscious Consuming!