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Current Vegan Product Obsession: Little Secrets (Classic Dark)


I've done away with my monthly Favorite Vegan Things posts, but I haven't left you high and dry. I'll continue to occasionally post a vegan product I'm currently obsessed with. And right now, it's Little Secrets Candies (Classic Dark), out of Boulder, CO. Basically, it's a vegan M&M! For weeks I've been trying to curtail, for my husband's sake, the extent to which I'm capable of consuming these. I don't want to scare him. 

Now you can have the same M&M experience, but without the cruelty (dairy), cholesterol, and artificial ingredients. These are all natural, even the colors are made with fruit and vegetable extracts. 

I've linked them to Amazon, where you can buy a 4 pack. Trust me, that won't even be enough. 

(Classic Dark, Raspberry and Sea Salted Peanut are the vegan flavors.)

Click here to purchase.


Viva la vegan!