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Attention Everyone on Planet Earth: Jupiter is in Libra! (September 9th.)


Happy day for everyone on planet Earth! And especially for us Libras, but all signs will benefit from this planetary movement. Jupiter, the planet of good luck, abundance, and opportunities enters Libra, the sign of peace, equality, compassion, justice, connection, and beauty in the wee morning hours of September 9th. Jupiter has been in Virgo, a sign that it jives with the least, for the last year. That's why, in part, things have felt universally and individually a bit sluggish.

Jupiter visits each sign for a year, so it takes 12 years for Jupiter to come around to your sign. And when he does, he brings gifts galore! All of us will start to feel lighter when he moves into Libra, a very simpatico sign for Jupiter, which will carry into the next year. (Libras though will feel Jupiter the most, as they take center stage.) Also, side note, 2016 is a 9 year in numerology, which, simply put, means the end of a chapter or culmination, and next year is a 1 year, the beginning of a new 10-year cycle. New beginnings and fresh starts coming soon! And we have lucky Jupiter in Libra to kick things off early. 

Think back to 2004-2005, 12 years ago (or you can go back further to 24 years ago), and you'll get a glimpse of how growth-producing, expansive Jupiter in Libra will affect you this year. What was happening in your life 12 years ago? The same area of your life will be affected this year. For me, I moved back to Los Angeles from Lawrence, Kansas. I had been flying between the two cities for years with a hypnotherapy practice in both places, but I made the leap (after a difficult decision) to be in LA full time. 

Because Libra rules relationships and peace (it is the sign of the justice scales) we can look back to other times Jupiter was in Libra and what transpired in the United States: The Peace Moratorium of 1969 occurred, that same year John Lennon (a Libra) staged his famous two-week Bed-In For Peace, and in 2004 Facebook launched--talk about relationships and connection!

It's exciting to think about what might happen this time around not only for each of us but for the world. It's a time of finding balance and releasing whatever--people, places, things, ideas, behaviors--no longer serve us. 

After reading through blogs and sites, here is my super short synopsis on which area Jupiter will shine his light onto in each sign this year. And don't forget to read your rising sign too. (Google how Jupiter in Libra affects your sign for a more in-depth analysis.)

Aries: health and image

Taurus: creative-expression and pleasure

Gemini: family and security

Cancer: community and learning

Leo: work-ideas and money

Virgo: self-growth and adventure

Libra: freedom and spirituality

Scorpio: teamwork and charity 

Sagittarius: career and recognition

Capricorn: travel and achieving

Aquarius: inheritance/investments and sex

Pisces: relationships and travel

It should be noted that I am only a fan of astrology, like as a spare-time activity. I'm not an astrologer. There is a saying that each flower has an angel above it whispering, "grow, grow." I simply find astrology beneficial to my personal growth and understanding. It reminds me that I am one with the universe.  

Here is my favorite astrology book, which combines the Sun signs with the Chinese signs. It's amazingly accurate and fun to read. Check it out on Amazon.

I also faithfully read Susan Miller's monthly horoscopes on AstrologyZone, and if you're on YouTube, check out Annabel Gat's videos called Astrology for Days. Both Susan and Annabel are spot-on and insightful.

Happy Jupiter in Libra, friends!