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Cynthia Morgan has dedicated her life to helping the world to heal. She has been teaching spiritual principles, leading guided meditations, and conducting workshops for over 31 years. Cynthia is an author, podcast host, teacher, and contributing writer to numerous media outlets and magazines, and she has been a board certified hypnotherapist for 16 years. But her extensive clientele consider her to be much more than that. Her unique approach to the art of hypnotherapy has redefined its practice not only as a means for emotional healing and behavior modification, but as a powerful system of spiritual teaching. Her techniques have proven to be highly successful in transforming the lives of thousands, including many of Hollywood's elite, establishing her as one of the most innovative practitioners in her field. 

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You're Already Hypnotized: A Guide to Waking Up is now available in audio, digital and paperback. 

Over 45 hypnotherapy audio downloads are available on a wide variety of topics. Transform your life now. 


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Next Desert Reset: November 8-11, 2018  

Join me for a retreat in the mystical Mojave desert! If you have not experienced the magic and serene beauty of world-renowned Joshua Tree National Park area, this is an experience you will never forget. Desert Reset is designed to bring about total transformation of mind, body, and spirit. Group hypnotherapy (similar to guided meditation), yoga, breath work, gourmet plant-based meals, Tibetan bowl sound bath meditation, and more located on a gorgeous 2.5 acre mid-century jewel.

Wellness Warrior: Interviewed in Natural Health Magazine  

The Importance of Doing Nothing: Featured in Wellbeing magazine (Australia and New Zealand)