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Handcrafted upon order with an effective blend of superior,
pure botanical oils and extracts only. The next best thing to putting plants on your skin. 

I am so in love with these products!
Face + Body Oil is my favorite skin product EVER!
— Elizabeth R., Happy Customer

My skincare story

In my early twenties, I had a brief stint as a model, and the number two thing that models were harped on about was their skin. You probably guessed what was number one: Weight. (But that’s a whole other issue.) The best thing that came out of my short-lived, unglamorous career was the importance of taking care of my skin from an early age.

Couple that with having grown up in a house where “natural” ruled. My parents used today’s common holistic remedies back when they were considered crazy folk lore: tea tree oil for bacterial issues, castor oil for skin problems, oil of oregano for toothaches, homemade kombucha for detoxification, honey for sore throats, raw eggs on the feet for a fever, aloe vera (which grew abundantly in our home) for cuts and burns, and apple cider vinegar for everything in between. You name it, we probably tried it.

That approach made a strong impression. I still use those remedies, except the eggs and honey. I’ve come to believe that pretty much in most things, our skin included, Mother Nature does know best. 

As result, I’ve spent many years and a lot of money searching for what I ultimately ended up having to create myself. Countless jars of creams, bottles of half-used oils, lotions, and potions litter my failed attempt to find a natural vegan product that I could use on both my face and body. Why was it so difficult to find a non-chemically laden, cruelty-free, all-plant-based moisturizer that was good for my skin (what a concept!), left it feeling supple, and could be used anywhere on my body? I still don’t know. I found one brand of body oil (though it couldn't be used on the face) that I really liked, but it was too expensive for me, about $60.00 for 3 fluid ounces. The way I go through daily moisturizer, there was no way I would pay much that again and again. 

So about five years ago, I spent some late nights researching, and I learned that lotions contain emulsifiers, which are binders (and super toxic in traditional synthetic lotions) that bind water and oil, necessary to create the lotion effect. By skipping the emulsifiers and using an oil directly on your skin, you get a higher quality product (most lotions are 70% water) and a higher concentration of potent, deeply penetrating ingredients. I began experimenting with various oils and essential oils (highest quality, certified organic, fair trade, ethically wild harvested). It was fun finding the right balance of healthy oils (like a nutritional shake for skin), consistency (not too runny or too thick), and organic scents (nothing overpowering, yuck). I get scent-headaches easily, so this had to be subtle. After all, I'm not trying to mask chemicals with a strong (fake) smell, nor do I use my moisturizer as a fragrance. But, I am a Libra, so it still had to appeal to my senses. And it needed to have the aromatherapy benefits I was looking for. Through many incarnations, Face + Body Oil is what I came up with. The end result was really just about pleasing my picky self. And truth be told, I'm kinda addicted to it, I seriously cannot go to bed without it on my skin. The smell helps me sleep (made for relaxation) and the oils moisturize my skin like nothing I've ever tried.  

I gave a couple of bottles away to friends and family members as gifts, and then decided to make it available to those who were seeking what I had been desperate to find.

Since creating Natural Vegan Skincare's Face + Body Oil, I've crafted two more products: Face + Bathroom Spritzer and Face Cleansing Oil.   

My sincere hope is that you love these products as much as I love putting them on my skin and into the world. 


10% of profits from Natural Vegan Skincare are donated to organizations working hard to end factory farming.