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What makes Cynthia so unique and such a great hypnotherapist/teacher is that she has an extensive knowledge and passion for spirituality and for how the mind works.
— David John

Cynthia Morgan has dedicated her life to helping the world to heal. She is an author, podcast host, teacher and board certified hypnotherapist, but her extensive clientele consider her to be much more than that. Her unique approach to the art of hypnotherapy has redefined its practice not only as a means for emotional healing and behavior modification, but as a powerful system of spiritual teaching. Her techniques have proven to be highly successful in transforming the lives of thousands, including many of Hollywood's elite, establishing her as one of the most innovative practitioners in her field.

Cynthia graduated from the prestigious Hypnotherapy Academy of America in 2002, integrating her considerable background in meditation (Transcendental Meditation since age seven), mind/body healing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner since 2003) and 30 years of working with A Course in Miracles. She brings her teachings of A Course in Miracles to her weekly podcast "A Course in What?!", which has also been translated into a Spanish version, "Un Curso de Que?!".

In 2013, Cynthia's book You're Already Hypnotized: A Guide to Waking Up was released. Her dedication to helping others awaken has not gone unnoticed. Cynthia has been featured in numerous prominent magazines such as Vegan Health and Fitness, Ruush, Australian Natural Health and WellBeing, as well as many popular online sites and blogs. She was also the spiritual columnist for ECOLUX Magazine. (See “Press” for interviews and essays.) 

Cynthia is a vegan and has been an animal rights activist for over 25 years. (See "Activism.") In her free time, she enjoys mentoring other hypnotherapists, teaching events around the country, writing about spirituality and a cruelty-free lifestyle, and watching Dodgers baseball.

Cynthia lives in Southern California with her husband Brad Klopman and their three furry kids: California, Texas, Monroe, and Sage.   


Cynthia is available for phone hypnotherapy sessions and guidance/talk therapy sessions. Visit her FAQ for more information. 

For information on booking Cynthia for a speaking engagement or conducting a workshop in your area, please use the Contact form.